Cizravi & Associates of Canada

Ontario MBL# 990352163
Tel: 1-519-589-5348

Industrial Production of Generic Polyelectrolytes, Polyacrylamides, Flocculants.

Cizravi & Associates (C&A), an independent group of chemical professionals offer technology transfer opportunities for the commercial manufacturing of specialty polymers in general and petroleum field polymers and polyelectrolytes/water soluble polymers in particular.

The captive production stratagem of some half-dozen commercial manufacturers in existence for flocculants/water treatment polymers and pollution treatment polymers form flagrant monopolies commanding, controlling, marketing, pricing, worldwide a market worth $10 billion US for some three dozen industrial applications. By now (2015) lack of water treatment is a pain for your inhabitants, never mind your habitat. Against such a background (C&A) offers new initiatives for programmes of marketing and manufacturing of polyelectrolytes for your local consumption, as well as your habitat and that of those other countries of your continent.

Continue to the manufacturing of water treatment polymers.

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